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The Republic of Bulgaria is divided into 28 administrational regions responsible for communication between the state and local governments. The regional governor is appointed by the Council of Ministers. Haskovo region is approximately 5,543 sq.m. in area and includes 11 cities and 251 villages. Municipalities include Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad, Svilengrad, Lubimetz, Harmanli, Simeonovgrad, Mineralni Bani, Stambolovo, Ivailovgrad, Madjarovo and Topolovgrad.

The disposition of the town of Haskovo – bordering with Turkey and Greece, is an important factor for the developing of the region. Two key transcontinental roads pass through the territory of the Haskovo district. One of them connects the West and Central Europe to Istanbul (Turkey) and the other one connects the North Europe to Mediterranean. The capital city of Sofia is 230 km away; the closest port is the one in Burgas – 250 km away, the Bulgarian-Greece and the Bulgarian-Turkey Check points are just 60 km away.

The population of Haskovo region is 279 067 inhabitants, which is 3.56 % of the population of the country.

The Haskovo region and the town of Haskovo itself benefit from its potential for the developing of tourism.

In most of the municipalities in the region the circumstances for developing of tourism are quite favourable but mostly in the municipalities of Mineralni Bani, Madjarovo and Ivailovgrad.

The Mineralni Bani is a national balneological centre and beautiful resort. The place is suitable for balneological, ecological and rural tourism. The municipality is famous for its healing water with unique composition and quality. It is suitable for treating motive and digestive system, gynecological and skin illnesses.

The Madjarovo municipality is located in Eastern Rodopi Mountain, which is famous as an ecologically clean region. Madjarovo is suitable for developing ecological, hunting and alternative tourism.

The biggest municipality in the region – Ivailovgrad, is also suitable for developing ecological, hunting, alternative tourism and tourism connected with aquatic sports. The municipality is exceptionally attractive due to the combination of mountain, soft climate and abundance of water resources.

The favourable climate, the beautiful unspoilt nature and the unique flora and fauna are not the only key factors for the developing of the tourism in this region but also its cultural inheritance – architectural monuments from the antiquity, the middle Ages and the Renaissance (monasteries, churches, strongholds, old houses), archaeological valuables.

Тhe region is also suitable for hobby tourism – cycling or horse riding, fishing, hiking, climbing, alternative and entertaining tourism.

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