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The village of Nedyalsko is situated in South-East Bulgaria. It is a part of Straldja Municipality – Yambol District. The size area of the village is 45sq.km. The altitude level of the area varies from 200 to 300m above sea level. The village has 416 inhabitants, according to the latest estimates.

Some of the villages also a part of the Straldja Municipality are the village of Aleksandrovo, Atolovo, Lozenets, Polyana, Zimnitsa, Kamenets, etc. Description for most of them you can find on our site, too.

The distance from Nedyalsko to the seaside town of Bourgas – 53km, to the city of Sliven – 47km, to the town of Yambol – just 27km, and to the capital city of Sofia – 288km.

The Straldzha Municipality's northernmost parts touch the foot of the Balkan Range. Its southernmost parts reach the slopes of the Bakadzhitsi Mountain, and the northwestern spurs of Strandzha Mountain. It borders on Kotel municipality to the north, Karnobat municipality and Sredets municipality to the east, Bolyarovo municipality and Elhovo municipality to the south, and Toundzha municipality and Sliven municipality to the west.

Strategic projects and opportunities for foreign investments:

Overhaul repair of the sports complex at P. K. Yavorov comprehensive high school has been made. Other reparations coducted in the area are as follows - Replacement of the pipeline from the water intake to the water reservoir in Malenovo village; establishment of The Covered municipal market-place; and some public works in the central part of Straldzha town.

Jobs have been ensured for socially disadvantaged persons, pensioners and young people with tertiary education under different programs.

A large number of projects were successful in obtaining funding for repairs, office equipment and machines in Straldzha town and the villages of Lozenets, Zimnitsa, and Alexandrovo.

Repair has been made of the "chitalishta" (arts, culture and literature centers) in the villages of Zimnitsa, Vodenichane, Nedyalsko, Malenovo and Polyana.

By means of small demonstration projects repairs have been made to library clubs, orthodox churches, and public works were conducted in green areas, foundations and bus stops.

Natural sights and monuments of culture:

The Municipality has eleven churches, which have been declared monuments of culture of local importance.

A large number of houses in the villages of Kamenets, Lozenets, Malenovo, Palaouzovo, Saransko, Bogorovo, Vodenichane and Irechekovo have been declared monuments of architecture. There is a museum exhibition consisting of ethnography exhibits, shown in Vazrazhdane library center in Zimnitsa village.


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