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Bulgaria property near the sea

PROPERTY IN NESSEBAR Nessebar - the pearl of the South coast of the Black Sea, is one of the most ancient towns in Europe. The town, founded 3000 years ago by the Thracians by the name of Messemvria, is situated at a little rocky peninsula. When the castle was captured by Krum (an ancient bulgerian king) in 812 A.C. the town was annexed to the Bulgarian territories by the name of Nessebur. In 1959 the town was declared for an architectural and archaeological reservation and has been included in the list of The World Cultural Inheritance of UNESCO since 1983. Particularly attractive cultural and historical monuments are: "St.Stefan" Church (XI-th century), "St.Spas" Church (XVII-th century), "Christ Pantokrator" Church (XIII-th century), "St. John the Baptist" Church (X-XI-th century), "St. Sofia" Church (IV-V-th century), "St. John Aliturgetos" Church (XIV-th century). Another interesting monuments from the XVIII - XIX-th century are many houses, windmills, fountains, squares. The magnificent mediaeval achitecture, as well as the antique traces from different civilizations are unique opportunity for entertainment. There are many family hotels and private rooms. They offer a whole range ofl modern conveniences at reasonable prices. Nessebar will be a pleasant and unforgettable experience for you! PROPERTY IN SUNNY BEACH Bulgaria -- The Sunny Beach Bulgaria is nestled between Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, and the rippling waters of the Black Sea. More than half of this beautiful country is hilly or mountainous. In the north towers the peaks of the Balkans, and in the south the Rhodope Mountains marks the borders it shares with Greece. The Rila Mountains stand guard in the west, it’s highest peak (the Musala) piercing the Meditteraneoan sky at 9,596 feet. At the heart of Bulgaria is the Thracian plains, the country’s agricultural area. As part of Eastern Europe, the fastest developing region in the world, Bulgaria has gone through immense economic and industrial development. It is already known for its natural beauty and rich history—two things that have made it increasingly popular as a tourist destination—but the march of progress has also made it one of the countries to watch. And also, one of the countries to invest in real estate property. Buying a piece of Paradise More and more people are beginning to buy properties in Bulgaria, particularly Sunny Beach Property. Why? Because of the beauty, yes—the country’s undulating landscapes has long made it a popular tourist attraction—but also the signs that property values will steadily increase in the next few decades. The influx of foreign investments have led to great strides in infrastructure and newly developed property in Sunny Beach, but prices remain to be one of the most appealing in the region. Bulgaria’s unique terrain also makes it one of the most ideal locations for a vacation home. It has hundreds of kilometers of prime land along the Black Sea coast for investors looking to buy property in Sunny Beach, as well as winter wonderlands dotted with ski resorts that can give the famous Alps a run for its money. These are perfect for those who enjoy snow sports, including skiing and snowboarding, and would like an alternative home that will allow them to enjoy these activities without having to deal with overbooked inns and crowded resorts. Bulgaria is also a beautiful summer escape as well, thanks to the sunny beaches along the Black Sea coast. In fact, it has one of the most competitive prices for oceanfront properties, made doubly attractive because of the incredible view of both the mountain and the sea. Whether the prospective buyer is a beach lover or an avid fan of skiing, they will definitely get property that will suit their lifestyles and wants while at the same time. Investors will also love the fact that whether summer or winter, buying property in Bulgaria is equally lucrative. That is music to any prospective property buyer’s ears. The best properties to buy though are those located along the Black Sea coast. It is rare to find seaside property going at very competitive prices and within an environment that can be considered as one of the world’s most beautiful. As an emerging market, property in Sunny Beach is one of the smartest choices for prospective property investors who want a beautiful home in one of the most charming European locations while getting good returns on their investment. PROPERTY IN SOZOPOL Situated 34 kilometers south of Bourgas upon a small peninsula, Sozopol is the oldest town at the Bulgarian seaside. Founded in the year 610 B.C. by the Greeks, the colony called Apolonia flourished as a mediator between the world of the Greek and the world of the noble Thracian tribes. Today, that fascinating place is a large tourist center, remarkable for its unique stone and wooden houses, that date as far back as the 19th century. Some of them (about 45) are even declared National Cultural Monuments. But it is not only them that attract tourists, but also the two beaches with fine sand and especially the local peoples hospitality. In July and August Sozopol resembles a beehive, filled with tourists and during the winter, it turns again into a quiet and romantic fishing settlement. That seems to attract a lot of artists, writers, actors, etc. If you take a walk along the narrow winding lanes, you could notice a great number of houses, dating from the Bulgarian Renaissance. Then, most of the houses with stone foundations, roomy second floors and roofs covered with Mediterranean tiles were built up. Small restaurants and cafes are to be found along the coastal Morski Skali and Milet lanes, which tourists might visit to taste Sozopol specialties meals of local mussels and dried mackerels, prepared in a number of different ways. On the other hand, these tiny restaurants have another advantage, except the delicious meals and it is the magnificent scenery they face the offing and the port. PROPERTY IN BURGAS The city of Bourgas (population: 196 316) is the second largest city at the Black Sea cost and is a regional administrative centre. It is situated in the farthest western part of Bourgas Bay and is 390 km east of Sofia . It ranks fourth in size among the biggest cities in the country after Sofia , Plovdiv and Varna . Due to the low level of the cost three lagoon-lakes were formed: Atanassovo, Bourgas and Mandren. The city is situated between the sea and the first two lakes, however it has grown so much that nowadays it almost touches the Mandra Lake . The climate is of the moderate continental type with a definite influence of the sea. Summer is pleasantly fresh because of the constant movements of the air. The average day temperature of the air during the summer is 26.4° C, and the temperature of the sea water – 24.8° C. There are between 24 and 27 sunny days per month during the summer period with an average of 10-11 sunny hours in a 24-hour period. The winter is mild with no snow. The average day temperature of the air during the winter is 4.6° C, and that of the sea water – 7.4° C. Because of the influence of the sea the autumn is long and warmer than it is in the country, and the spring is comparatively cold and usually comes one month later than normal. PROPERTY IN POMORIE Town of Pomorie (population 14 560) is situated on a peninsula projecting 5 km into the sea. The health resort is 18 km north-east of Bourgas and 408 km east of Sofia. The fine sand of the beaches- gold and black (curative and rich of iron), the warm and clear seawater and the great number of sunny days, makes Pomorie attractive place for tourists all over the world. Thanks to it preserved nature and ecological conditions, the town is awarded the Blue Flag Award. Besides tourism, local mainstays include agriculture, salt production, fishing, and wine production (Pomorie brandy and Dimyat white wine are excellent). Pomorie is famous for its mud therapy, known since Thracian times. There used to be a Thracian settlement here colonised by the Greek in later times in 5 th century before Christ. The town was called Anhialo being at same time a colony of Apolonia as well (toda y Sozopol ). The colony became wealthy producing salt - extracted from the nearby lake - and wine for trade and export. Later renamed Paleokastro (Old Fortress) by the Greeks, it was a thriving place and a regional administrative center under the Romans, who knew it as Ulpia. The area was the site of numerous battles between Bulgarians and Byzantines, the most famous being in 917 when Tsar Simeon emerged victorious. Conquered by the Ottomans in 1453, Pomorie became the most important town on the Black Sea Coast next to Varna.


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