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Elhovo municipality

is situated in the southeast part of the Republic of Bulgaria and is included in the administrative unit of the District of Yambol. It borders the Topolovgrad municipality, District of Haskovo, to the southwest, the Bolyarovo municipality to the east, the Republic of Turkey to the southeast, and the Tounja municipality to the north. The total territory of the Elhovo municipality is 708 sq. km and encompasses 22 settlements. Relief The Elhovo settlement system is situated in the southeast part of the District of Yambol. It encompasses part of the lowland-hilly and low-mountain Tounja Area -a region of the middle valley of the Tounja River and part of the Dervent elevations. The Elhovo Field has a central position. Its even surface spreads along both sides of the flowing from the north Tounja River. The altitude above sea level is 100 - 150 m. In its peripheral parts, the field gradually merges with the slanting slopes of the Manastir and Dervent Elevations. The plain relief in the north parts gradually turns to low-mountain - here is included a part of the Dervent Elevations, which are very similar to The Stranja Mountain in their geographical characteristics. A conditional boundary between them is the flat saddle from which the Popovska River springs. The state boundary with Turkey passes along their crest. The altitude above sea level of the part of the Dervent Elevations included in the settlement system reaches 450 m. The right tributaries to the Tounja River - the rivers Popovska and Arapliiska - take their waters from the elevations' south slopes. The depth of segmentation of the region is very small, and the soil erosion is low. The Tounja River passes through the low-mountain range in the south part, separating the Dervent Elevations from the Sakar Mountain. The river forms a picturesque canyon between them. Its steep valleys and numerous windings make the region picturesque and attractive. The Elhovo municipality falls into the range of two climatic areas - the North- Tounja Area (transitional continental) and the Sakar-Stranja Area (transitional Mediterranean, with soft winters, warm springs and dry and hot summers). The north part of the region is characterized by a temperately continental climate. These peculiarities reflect the lowland-hilly character of the relief. Temperature in Elhovo region The average January temperature is about 0оС, the average July temperature is about 23оС, and the average annual temperature is 11-13оС. Precipitation in Elhovo The precipitation is almost evenly distributed through the four seasons with a minimum in winter – 130 ml, and a maximum in autumn – 140 ml. The summary annual precipitation is from 500 to 750 mm/sq. m. The main minimum is in August, the secondary minimum - in March, the main maximum is in June, and the secondary maximum - in November-December. Winds in Elhovo The lack of high fencing mountains and the proximity of the sea determine northeast winds. The average annual wind velocity is 3.3 m/sec. The south wind which blows along the valley of the Tounja River is characterized by high velocities. in the beginning of spring, this wind manifests itself in rapid warm gusts. In spring and autumn, when the winds bring Black Sea air, fogs and low clouds are often formed. The average number of the fogs is 71, the maximum being in January - 20, and the minimum in September - 4 days. Soils in Elhovo region The soils on the municipality's territory are varied - Mediterranean black soils, maroon forest soils and the occurring only in this physicogeographical area yellow-earth soils. In the low part of the region, along the rivers, alluvial meadow soils and black-earth-Mediterranean black soils occur, which have favourable characteristics for a high fertility. Mineral Resources South-Bulgarian granite, Triassic sandstone, dolomite and limestone, sandy-loamy rocks and Paleogene granite occur in the territory of the Elhovo settlement system. The deposits of mineral and power resources belonging to the territory of the Elhovo municipality are in two regions. The Oustrem Ore Field encompasses the southwest part of the municipality, in which the largest amounts of lead-and-zinc ores and concomitant components in them occur. This deposit was exploited through the Lessovo Mine, which was closed down in 1995. The Elhovo Lignite Deposit encompasses some territories along the valley of the Tounja River. The proven reserves are calculated as about 600 millions tons with a low caloricity and a high content of sulphur. Prognosticated reserves of copper ores are contained in the Lalkovo Deposit, which has not been mined yet. There are reserves of barite (the Dervent Elevations) and building materials - syenite, granite, andesite, cobblestones, sand. The only registered quarry is by the village of Granitovo, where granite for flooring and facing is quarried. The water reserves are contained in the passing rivers, the constructed dams, in Karst springs and the Pliocene water-bearing strata. In hydrogeological respect, the municipality's territory is drained by the Tounja River and its tributaries - the rivers Popovska and Arapliiska. The irrigation areas on the municipality's territory amount to 50 712 decares. The high water-level of the Tounja River forms in December-January, and the low water-level - in August-October.


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