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Malko Sharkovo

The village of Malko Sharkovo is located in south-eastern Bulgaria, at the flanks of West Strandja mountain. Approximately 70 km away from the village is located the coastal town of Burgas and the south Black sea. The Bulgaian-Turkish boundary is only 25 km away from Malko Sharkovo. The village belongs to Boliarovo Municipality, Yambol district.

The Strandja mountain, at the foot of which the village is huddled in, is named after the old denomination of the area - “Strajitsa” which means “border land”, passage between two continents – Asia and Europe. The Strandja mountain has not been just a political boundary for Bulgaria for centuries but it is also a “nature” boundary regarding climate, soils, waters, flora and fauna in the southeast part of Balkan peninsula. The Strandja mountain forms not only the climate of Malko Sharkovo but also the climate of south-east Bulgaria - transcontinental with Mediterranean influence. This area benefits from its soft climate and healthy air suitable for recreation.

The area features a large number of small but crystally clear rivers and springs. Having tested the water samples in this area, the indexes were determined as of very high quality. 'Malko Sharkovo' artificial lake, which is the second largest in the country, with an earth heap wall of 55 cub. m. maximum content is about 1 km from the village. The nature gifts of the artificial lake can be used for a good basis for relaxation and tourism, as a development to a sports tourism / fishing, water-skiing, surf /, where every year, by tradition, nature lovers come from the whole country to take part in.

Located in ecologically clean area, in proximity to the Strandja massives teemed with different kinds of game the cozy village of Malko Sharkovo is perfect for having complete relaxation and recreation and gives you the opportunity for developing a winning business!

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